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Real Estate Training Institute

The Real Estate Training Institute (RETI), the premier real estate school in Mississippi, was founded in 1998 by Dr. Lawrence Hasbrouck. Larry has been a licensed real estate trainer for over 20 years. The school offers real estate courses throughout Mississippi - the main campus is supported by our Tupelo Campus (serving Northern Mississipi), along with our branch campuses in Jackson, Southaven and Hattiesburg.

RETI Mission Statement

The Real Estate Training Institute (RETI) is dedicated to providing real estate professionals with adult professional training.


At RETI, we understand that any course is only as good as the instructor. In order to offer the most effective and enjoyable classroom experience possible, we hold our instructors to the highest standards.
All of our instructors have been throughly trained and are certified (MS Real Estate Commission) adult learning facilitators.

They are:

  • Well Prepared: Poor preparation is evident in many presentations today. Too many instructors try to "wing it." In the process, they use their time poorly, leave students with a sloppy presentation and destroy their own credibility. Being well-prepared is a student's first expectation of a good instructor.

  • Knowledgeable: Unfortunately, research is not a skill that comes naturally - even to talented presenters - but instructors must do their homework. Adult students want more "meat" in their courses . . . and are ususally very dissatisfied with courses that lack new ideas or new approaches to problems. The knowledge of the subject which the instructor brings to the class must be greater than his or her own personal experience.

  • Likeable: There is no substitute for likeability. Students can forgive many deficiencies in presentation skills if an instructor is likeable - and therefore credible. The instructor's openness, eye contact, comfort with the class and with himself/herself, sense of humor, expressions, and energy level all contribute to this likeability.

  • Good classroom managers: The effective instructor must be able to manage a class both when he/she makes a presentation and when the responsibility for activity shifts to the students during a practice exercise, case study, etc. The good classroom manager knows how to create a good atmosphere for learning and how to handle the unexpected. Good managers are flexible in class, and sensitive to the verbal and nonverbal cues that mean adjustment or review is needed.

  • School name:Real Estate Training Institute
    Address:1636 Popps Ferry Rd. Suite 108
    Zip & city:MS 39532 Mississippi

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