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College of Business Administration - Real Estate Program

The Real Estate and Land Economics Program has a dual objective: (1) to prepare its graduates as well-rounded business professionals with a specialty in real estate and land market analysis; (2) to provide students with in-depth study and training in the multifaceted field of real estate decision making.

The SDSU real estate faculty shares a commitment to excellence in providing a well-rounded program that will meet these goals - a commitment based on the belief that today's society demands real estate professionals with the kind of quality education that is part of a university degree.

The real estate major will graduate as a business professional capable of making a wide variety of management decisions concerning real estate and related land resources. This includes the ability to utilize new economic concepts, understand changing complex social concerns, and apply modern analytical tools to the process of real estate decision making.

The high level of education provided by the program prepares its graduates for job opportunities in a wide variety of organizations, large and small, public and private. Although the real estate graduate is by no means limited to a career in sales or brokerage, preparation does include knowledge necessary to satisfy professional licensing requirements.

Students take courses in real estate, finance, information systems, management, marketing, and public administration, with additional courses in accountancy, economics or geography.

Topics covered in these courses include real estate essentials; land economics; real estate appraisal; law of real property; real estate investment analysis; real estate finance; marketing communication and promotion; business strategy and integration; introduction to urban planning; accounting for managers; and geography of cities.

School name:College of Business Administration - Real Estate Program
Address:5500 Campanile Drive
Zip & city:CA 92182-8236 California

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College of Business Administration - Real Estate Program Real Estate School Location

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